About Us

Global Geothermal is majority owned by Kalina Power Ltd (ASX – KPO) and was formed in 2007 to consolidate the various worldwide entities licensed to deploy the power generation technology known as the Kalina Cycle®. As a result GGL owns and controls the Kalina Cycle® rights and the over 200 international patents associated with the proprietary technology.

Although the Kalina Cycle®’s general principals are simple and well understood, design and construction of a successful project requires an advanced process across a range of disciplines, including chemical, mechanical and mathematical.

Recurrent Engineering is the engineering and development core of GGL, providing the technical expertise to successfully leverage the Kalina Cycle® for optimized results in energy conversion system designs.

Key staff profiles

GGL's management and engineering group is a world-class team with over 150 combined years experience in the power generation industry. Our engineering core has pioneered the development, refinement and deployment of the Kalina Cycle® for over 15 years, since the technology's inception. GGL's management team consists of accomplished industry professionals with international energy project development and finance track records.


Recurrent Engineering is Global Geothermal's technical division.

Mark Mirolli - Chief Technology Officer

Mark Mirolli is Chief Technology Officer and head of Recurrent's engineering and technical support staff. Holding a chemical engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a mechanical engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Mr. Mirolli has nearly 25 years experience in thermal power generation system design and construction. Formerly Director of Technology Development for ABB Combustion Engineering, Mr. Mirolli was responsible for ABB's R&D engineering functions relating to utility steam generation technology. Author of over 25 major published papers on advanced power plant design and operations, he is a widely regarded thermal power expert and one of the original minds behind the development and commercialization of fluidized bed boiler technology.

Yakov Lerner - Chief Engineer

Yakov Lerner is Chief Engineer. Mr. Lerner has over 40 years experience in power plant engineering and design. He holds advanced degrees in both thermodynamics and turbomachinery and his experience includes top applications engineering positions at Combustion Engineering and ABB. Mr. Lerner has been associated with the Kalina Cycle® since 1993 and authored 3 of its international patents.

Henry Mlcak - Senior Project Director

Henry Mlcak is Project Director. A registered professional engineer with PE licenses in 5 states, Mr. Mlcak holds a mechanical engineering degree from Texas A&M University. He was part of the original team that successfully developed and commercialized the Kalina Cycle® for power generation. With over 30 years experience in the fields of power plant design and testing, Mr. Mlcak has completed projects totaling over 10,000 megawatts. He has authored 10 technical papers on advanced power generation technologies.

Lawrence Rhodes - Senior Systems Director

Lawrence Rhodes is Systems Director. He holds a graduate degree from the California Institute of Technology as well as an advanced degree from Cornell. He is responsible for the thermodynamic properties implementations and system design programs necessary for Kalina Cycle® optimization calculations. Mr. Rhodes has been exclusively involved with the Kalina Cycle® and its development since its inception and co-authored two of its existing patents.

Richard Pelletier - Systems Director

Mr. Pelletier is Systems Director. Holding a degree in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology as well as an advanced degree in mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, he began his association with Alex Kalina and the Kalina Cycle® in the late 1980s as a programmer. Mr. Pelletier's current responsibilities involve applied mathematics and system modeling, with particular emphasis on off-design modeling of Kalina Cycle®. He holds three Kalina Cycle® patents and has current patent applications for new designs.


Robert Dewing - Chairman

Robert (Bob) Dewing was appointed as the Independent Chairman of Global Geothermal in 2011 after joining the board in April 2010. Mr Dewing, is currently Portfolio Manager for Infrastructure Debt at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University teaching project finance. Previously he spent 26 years with Citigroup developing and financing projects and businesses and has a number of roles with private companies focusing on enterprise development. Mr Dewing has an Engineering degree from Imperial College, London and an MBA from The University of Chicago.

Bruce Levy - Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Levy is a member of the board of directors of GGL and currently serves as interim CEO of both Global and Recurrent Engineering. He specializes in power project development, finance and operations and has been an innovative leader in the traditional as well as renewable power industries since the late 1970s. Mr. Levy was executive vice president of O'Brien Energy Systems, then served in a similar capacity at New World Power Corporation. He was the founder of TDX Power in 1999, which is today one of the leading regulated electric utility owner/operators in Alaska. He was one of the original advisors to Amp Capital Partners when Amp entered the geothermal power sector through its association with the Kalina Cycle® in 2002. Mr. Levy has been involved in the successful development, finance and implementation of well over 30 regulated and non regulated power generation and alternative fuels projects worldwide totaling over $1 billion in investment.

Alliances and licensees

  • Chiyoda Corporation
  • Ebara Corporation
  • Exorka International
  • General Electric Corporation
  • GERD/NEDO, Japan
  • Raser Technologies Inc
  • Shanghai Shenghe New Energy
  • Siemens I&S