Kalina Cycle ®
produces up to 50% more power
than existing technologies

Húsavíkur Kalina Cycle® Plant

The thermal pollution challenge

Coal burning plant

Convert waste heat and geothermal heat into
clean, green emission free power

Canoga Kalina Cycle® Power Plant

Efficient heat to power engineering

Global Geothermal Limited (GGL) generates power from waste heat and geothermal sources, without fuel. GGL and its subsidiary Recurrent Engineering, provide alternative energy solutions that are efficient, reliable, safe, clean and cost-effective by deploying the proprietary Kalina Cycle® energy conversion technology.

Applicable to over 75 percent of the world’s power generation market, the Kalina Cycle® is a power cycle technology based on the superior thermodynamic properties of mixtures.

The Kalina Cycle® can produce up to 50% more power from the same heat source compared to other existing technologies.


Across waste heat intense industries such as steel mills and cement works to leveraging natural heat sources, the Kalina Cycle® can be applied to transform medium and low temperature heat sources into emission free power


GGL provides engineering and project management services for standard, small-scale power plant designs and modular, customized solutions for larger projects.


GGL’s super-efficient power cycle designs improve the energy conversion process using proven power plant components.

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June 2018 Quarterly Cashflow

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